Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to know what is the reason why insurance security is important and how the cost is reduced through it?

When you decide to move, decide to take the insurance protection because, with insurance protection, you can be more sure of your safety; calculate the charge of your valuables if the insurance charge is more than theirs; of course, the insurance protection charge will be much less. You won't have to worry about your belongings getting damaged or stolen.

When should I plan for household shifting if I take the help of Armani Packers and Movers?

We are ready to help you. Call @09880422673; if you plan to find a new home or office in a good environment, then plan your belongings to move and which association is best for you, and you will like our plans; if you also plan to take safe and cost-effective service.

I am moving from Bengaluru to another place for a few months, what should I transport my belongings?

Whether you are relocating to study to visit a relative's house, or for work, it is important to transport or store things. If you have essentials to use in the place you are relocating, you should store things for a few months, and if you need your essentials in a dangerous place, you will have to transport them, or else you will have to buy new ones, which is very expensive financially.

If I book to remove any item, is the cancellation facility given once or more than once?

You will not get the option to cancel repeatedly. You can take time after knowing the date to fix it in your mind if you have a problem with the delivery of the goods on the date then you inform us by calling or by any other method, then after agreeing if you cancel the date during transportation, then it will not be cancelled. Or you need to take solutions from our expert advisors.

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Whether you are thinking of moving office or house or want to store things for as long as you need, you need to select it before availing of our service, and then you need to tell us your number. Many people are very busy with work and can’t check online information on time.

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